Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ending Class

I finished teaching for the semester.  Here are a few more pictures of things the students wove.

I had such a great class this time.  It was really great to see all their experimentation each week.

I finished two scarves on my off white warp this time.

And even continued with a multicolor warp.

I finished one scarf on this before class was over.  It was nice to be able to weave so much.  The students really worked on their own for most of the time, weaving away like little bees.

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  1. Class was great fun! I look forward to all the cool patterns I'll try now that I have a foundation of knowledge in weaving. Sooner than later, I hope to purchase a loom for home, until then I'll enjoy working on the Craft Center looms. Thanks for the great experience!